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Stagecoach West reinforces its support for Elms Park

In recognition of the Elms Park development’s extensive Transport Plan, with focus on the importance of an efficient and effective bus transport network, Stagecoach West has announced its continued support for the Elms Park development.

Stagecoach West has pledged a significant increase of bus service frequency on the existing high-quality public transport corridor in addition to the establishing of new Transport Hub at Uckington. In addition, the attractiveness and effectiveness of the enhanced public transport offer serving the site will be further secured by appropriate bus advantage measures on Tewkesbury Road.  Together these measures can be expected to significantly boost the real and perceived quality of bus services, not just for residents of the development, but in the wider corridor.

Speaking about the development, Rupert Cox Managing Director of Stagecoach West, said: “We’re pleased to confirm that we have been in close dialogue with the applicants and their client team over a very considerable period, as the proposals have been worked up. The amount of pre-application involvement that we have been able to offer to the client team to optimise the public transport provision serving the proposals is therefore considerably greater than typically would be the case. Indeed, we are not aware of another instance of such close ongoing partnership working between a bus operator and promoter elsewhere. We strongly endorse this approach.

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