• Elms Park to utilise proven flood defence techniques Thursday, March 27, 2014

    Following the unprecedented winter of flooding, now is an important time to look back and reflect on which water management systems worked well in coping with this crisis.

    One solution to reduce the risk of flooding is controlling the volume of water reaching the waterways.  Sustainable Drainage Systems, more commonly known as SuDS, work by controlling surface water runoff and ensuring there is no increased risk of flooding elsewhere.

    SuDS include the use of swales (shallow ditches) and attenuation basins (shallow depressions in the ground) storing excessive rainfall and allowing its controlled dispersal into rivers and drains, thereby easing potential flooding.

    These systems have proven effective during the recent floods in many areas and one example protected a 2,550 home new development, as well as the surrounding community, in Hampshire. This technique was welcomed by local Councillors who have said that SuDS are the way forward, allowing a better dispersal rate of surface water.

    See full story here: http://tinyurl.com/pzo8rg6

    While needed in times of high rainfall, the swales and basins remain dry for the majority of the time, providing an important amenity and biodiversity feature. They also perform an important function in improving the ecological quality of the runoff.

    Elms Park has already planned to build and use these proven flood management initiatives in order to achieve efficient water management as well as providing green space within the site.    

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